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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Well it's January in the Midwest which means taking a couple months break from sessions and focus on organizing & prepping by business for the upcoming season. I actually love this time as it allows me to reflect on the past season, implement steps to work towards my goals for the new year, streamline processes & take some time to just BREATHE - which everyone, and I think especially creatives, need to thrive. When spring hits I am refreshed & recharged - and ready to take on the new season!

Part of my reflection of the past year includes blogging some favorite sessions. I try to fit in as many as I can, but it usually just end up being a handful of them before the new season hits. I know I should be blogging throughout the season, but that usually gets put on the back burner...someday maybe I'll be able to do it all, but probably not?! ;) My purpose for blogging sessions is for you to see what a full set of images look like. That way you can see that you aren't getting just a few great images - my goal is for you to love EVERY SINGLE ONE!! It's also helpful for you to see how outfits, colors, locations & light, all work together to make a unique set of images just for you.

Hope knew she wanted me to be her senior photographer way back in December of her junior year. She also knew she wanted SUNFLOWERS. They were a little late in blooming this past summer because of the unusually wet conditions we had in April & May, so we had to reschedule her session to hit the sunflower field a little later than expected. Well, it was worth the wait! Hope is radiant in that field of cheerful yellow! But, that wasn't the only set I loved! We also did an urban location, a grassy field, some greenery, dropped by the high school - and you've got to see her swim images! At the last minute, Hope decided she wanted some images to remember her four years on the high school swim team, but we didn't have time to find a pool & fit it into her session. What we came up with instead was super fun & original - probably better than what we would have done at the actual pool! What do you think?! Are you a fan of non-traditional?! Drop a comment! I'd love to hear from you!!


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